All that stuff you’re thinking and saying about not wanting to go back to your less than super-fantastic pre-covid ways of living?

I’m here from the Future to tell you that unless you are extremely vigilant, that is exactly what will happen!

We’re pretty much back to normal here.

+ This cold is in the final throes, but proving quite difficult to shake.

+ I spent four days in the office last week, arriving home exhausted around 7pm each evening.

+ It is cold and dark when I arrive home.

+ We’ve given up our lovely morning walks for now (see aforesaid sickness).

+ I’m not sufficiently hydrating or exercising or reading or doing much of anything.

+ I am developing two cold sores.

+ Ugh.

I tossed a coin this morning to see if I should head out to the incognito art show.

Exec summary: established and emerging artists submitted 3 postcard-sized works each and their identities were kept hidden. There were just over 1500 works in total, all $100 each and you could buy a max of three works. All proceeds to a charity supporting artists with an intellectual disability.

Coin said no, I chose to ignore coin.

And so it was that I joined the end of a quite enormous queue at around 8:30 this morning. And there I stayed along for four and a half hours, before pulling up stumps.

just as many people ahead of us around the corner – at the tiny blue square under the yellow arrow

You’d think this would be an utterly terrible experience, but I actually had a really pleasant time – even if I eventually came away with nothing.

The day was beautiful and sparkling, though quite cold early on. The vibe was positive and very friendly. I had lovely (and lengthy) chats with complete strangers. Most un-Sydney like indeed.

But at 1pm there was still an estimated 1.5-2 hours wait and I was confident my preferred pieces would be long gone.

a mere 6-7 hours to get to the destination

So I bid my new crew adieu and legged it home.

I suspect my enjoyment of this outing really means I need to get out and about more. Expand outward (a bit) after being so inwardly focussed for the last year – more than the last year if I’m honest.

I’m intending to build on this and stretch a little into something other than the routine each weekend in June – health permitting of course!

4 thoughts on “156/2021

  1. Oh, my friend went to that sale and told me she got up at 5am! Even then she said she was way down the queue but she did net some treasures.

    • Scuttlebutt in the queue was that someone paid an airtasker to queue for him from 10pm the night before – not quite in the spirit of the endeavour.

      Glad your friend scored some treasures! When I looked at the other works by my desired artists (they’ve now released the names) I was a little underwhelmed – so quite possibly a good thing I missed out. Though I should spend that $300 on other art as a consolation!

  2. My employers have already decided that the majority of staff will work from home three days a week. This is widely supported by most staff.

    I was on a bus on Saturday and it reminded how insanely stressful public transport can be so the prospect of going back to commuting fills me with horror.

    • You are right to be filled with horror!

      Fortunately the trains are still reasonably empty here and one can generally get a seat and adequately social distance. I think many people have taken to driving though and the road traffic is quite terrible.

      I am quite disappointed that I did not take more advantage of being at home. Suspicion is that we’ll be back 5 days in August. I’d really love to go part time. Maybe in 2024.

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