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When we last left my resin stockpile, I had a bunch of pendant pieces and intentions to turn them into jewellery of some sort.

After an initial brainstorm with Joan and Bessie, and quite a bit of thinking, I planned to take those bottom four orangey quick-set pieces:

Drill an additional tiny hole in each and connect them together on a necklace, rather like this:

So I grabbed some bronze-ish jump rings at the Lincraft city store closing down sale a few months ago, let them sit about for ages (of course) and eventually picked them up one evening to mess about with while watching a lecture on Barnett Newman on coursera.

Alas! My vision was not being at all realised! Rather than the simple elegant piece of my imaginings, those jump rings were far too weighty and fussy and detracted from the resinyness of the resin.

And for it to work I’d have needed to drill an extra hole in each, which would have required a very small drill bit and an awful lot of precision. I do not have either of those things!

This is yet another lesson to get projects out of your head and into your hands, because oftentimes they won’t resolve as you’re expecting.

After some hard thinking, I remembered I had some stainless steel fishing wire in the garage from when we’d made some playthings for the kitties.

I pulled out the reel, threaded on all seven pendant pieces and was totally sold.

I cut and crimped the fishing wire to a medium sort of length and now I have something I am really very happy with indeed. Not quite what I imagined but much superior!

And yet another lesson to never throw anything away.

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