uncovering mysteries

After way (way!) too many hours this afternoon attempting to get the tension correct on the overlocker, I’m finally ready to get a start on a second pair of giant baggy lounging pants.

If I’d given in and zig zagged the raw edges instead, I’d be wearing the giant baggy lounging pants right now.

I might not have pants but I feel a whole lot more knowledgeable about how the machine works – and maybe I won’t have the same challenges next time I want to swap the thread!

(For Future Me, make sure the thread is sitting tightly inside the tension wheels!)

2 thoughts on “uncovering mysteries

  1. I’ve had my overlocker for at least 10 years now. It will NOT let me thread it, so I have to bribe sewing friends to do the deed. Difficult right now. I give in and zig-zag the edges. If it was good enough for Chanel…

    • I was this close || to putting it out on the street, but eventually got there.

      They seem the epitome of terrible design.

      Next up, tackling curves.

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