rainbows for everyone

Back to work today after five glorious days off. I don’t know that I was terribly productive, but I don’t really think productivity matters over much right now (if it ever really did).

I could easily become accustomed to a reduced workload and more days off. Something to add to the Big Thoughts list.

We’re now entering week four of remote working and isolation. I think everyone is slowly habituating to this as the new normal.

For me this period has really shone a light on the fact that I have little-to-no regular connection with anyone apart from Don, the offspring and SML colleagues. And I wouldn’t describe many (any?) of my SML connections as particularly meaningful. All the Big Thoughts!

I’ll leave you with something infinitely more cheerful – delightfully cheering pix from our Monday walk. I’m sure you’ll agree that the first bunny is completely fabulous.

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