big thoughts

getting autumnal

This evening I decided that I want to embrace the (very privileged) opportunity this enforced hibernation gives to slow right down and reflect and assess.

What do I want to be doing with my time?

How do I want to live?

And all those kinds of great and big questions.

There’s loads of ideas kicking around on the InformationSuperhighway about picking specific projects, areas for improvement or skills to develop while we’re all locked away. I want to explore some of those too.

Will definitely work better for me if I frame this as a growth thing and try to focus on developing myself.

Ideas to follow.

2 thoughts on “big thoughts

  1. I’ve had similar thoughts & am reluctant to express them online for fear of looking too self-absorbed at a Time of Crisis, but really, if your own life isn’t in crisis and you’re just staying home to protect the vulnerable, how can you not have these thoughts? It really does make you think.

    • You’ve pinpointed exactly my struggle – but I’m telling myself it is important to hear all kinds of voices during this time.

      Trying my very best to not sound like an insensitive privileged jerk.

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