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lowering property values

ThePalace(OfLove) is situated on a highly trafficked street and directly under a flight path. Fortunately we have reasonably effective double glazing so we’re generally not bothered too much by noise, but there’s usually a background hum, even late at night.

Well there was a hum until we were all sent indoors. Now – silence.

So much silence it’s quite eerie. It is not unlike being camping far away from civilisation. It was so quiet this evening, I could hear the beep of the pedestrian crossing button from down the street while sitting at my desk.

We’ve take to turning on a fan for some white noise so we can sleep.

I think I’ve said before that time bends in strange ways in this situation. We haven’t even been doing this for a full two weeks, it feels much more like two months.

3 thoughts on “new worlds

  1. I am the worst imaginary friend in the world and I apologise profusely.
    I have been so wrapped up in my own issues for the last (several) years that I keep delaying communication, though I admit to stalking you on occasion to make sure you’re all okay.
    Wow, what times we find ourselves in, huh!
    I am quite honestly terrified because my children are in vacation care and I am still working in the office. contact with others is very limited but I have minor panic attacks at the proximity of people sometimes.
    When I finally get locked down I will endeavour to sit down and compose a lengthy email. I miss you a lot, but like I said I do stalk late at night on occasion like a stealthy cat burglar peeking into your life. stay safe, much love xxx

    • Harriet!!!! How brilliant!

      I know exactly what you mean about the slight panic triggered by proximity to people – it feels so apocalyptic out there. I’m so sorry you have to be out amongst it.

      Hopefully they lock you down soon. It definitely feels a lot safer indoors.

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