settling in

ominous sunrise

Showing up because I said I would.

I can’t quite pinpoint why today was so tedious, but it really was and it was difficult to shake off post-work.

I’m taking a couple of leave days here and there – first on Friday – that should sort me out.

4 thoughts on “settling in

  1. I appreciate your showing up! In the absence of contact with my students and RL friends, my imaginary friends (online, I mean) are very important. I like hearing the little details of your lives.

  2. I feel your pain! Getting through each day can be such a grind at times these days. I hope your mini break reenergises you.

    • Definitely challenging!

      People who I find quite tolerable face-to-face are surprisingly Very Tedious remotely. A day away will hopefully stop some of my more murderous impulses.

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