i will select two things and i will start them

I finally made that list of the various craft projects I’ve had kicking around in my head.

There’s quite enough to see me through many, many months – years even.

(seeing the list I realise there are a couple of items missing – I need a cushion for my chair in the not-sewing room and some wee coasters)

I have everything I need to get started on these, so nothing is stopping me except … myself.

Amazing that I can easily find the time to spontaneously craft a hat to wear for my morning team call, but I really struggle to get going on the the larger, slightly more serious projects.


Maybe I really do need to be more playful and make the stakes lower. Not everything has to be a masterpiece and I should allow myself to make mistakes.

My resolution for the next week is in the title. I will indeed select two things from the list and start on them.

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