Me: grump grump grump grump grump

Don: when was the last time you exercised?

Me: …


Golly, you’d think I’d have learned this by now!

Lots getting me down this week – which I will not bore you with too much. Suffice to say aggravating work people are aggravating. And I just finished a novel where a 50-something woman makes significant and positive changes to her life and suddenly dies of illness before she can enjoy any of it. I was expecting a protracted death with additional self-discovery, but boom! dead! I guess this is how it mostly happens.

All roads lead back to the exercise thing though.

Time once again to activate the Extreme Self Care. This means eating well, EXERCISING, removing instagram from my phone, doing some gentle creative things, avoiding the news firehose.

I know that some of you adore instagram, and at times I do too – but mostly it just makes me feel like a failure. I know this is kind of nuts. Irrespective of whatever clever strategies I employ to approach it, the eventual result is invariably the same.

And continuing with the theme of radical candour, I’ve been giving serious second thoughting to continuing the blog. But I’m going to sit with that decision a while longer until the self-care kicks in.

2835-2829 days

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Carmela Biscuit
February 28, 2020 4:24 AM

Oh, I hope you continue to write the blog! I very rarely comment (on any blog) (and I know I should), but I enjoy your postings so much! You have a knack for writing about everyday life in a casual, light and amusing way, with an endearing, often self-deprecating sense of humor, and reading your blog often makes me smile and feel better about my run-of-the-mill problems up here, on the other side of the planet. What I want to say in so many words is that your writing is very much appreciated and I’m sure not only by me!

Dame Eleanor Hull
February 29, 2020 4:12 AM

Please don’t stop blogging! There are so few of us left, and I found you so recently, and you’re so fun. By all means, abandon Instagram, abandon all the world, but not sweet Carolbaby, kind Carolbaby, true Carolbaby, valiant Carolbaby, and therefore more valiant being, um, longstanding Carolbaby . . .

March 2, 2020 6:36 AM

There aren’t enough old school bloggers around so please don’t stop.