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The most excellent Dame Eleanor cleverly alerted me via this post, that commenting is still quite temperamental.

Confidential to Carolbaby

Your commenting problem still isn’t sorted, as far as I can work out: I’ve tried various devices and platforms, and have not been able to leave a comment in the past week. Sorry to hear about the rain and the bruises, found your silver-bracelet class inspiring, and well done not spending the cash on the jumpsuit. Maybe ink a little plane on the back of your hand to remind you what you’re saving for, at least when you’re in the vicinity of tempting shops.

I’ve installed a new plugin this evening which hopefully will rectify things, but I suspect it is the aggressive spam filter … or something.

If you’re having similar difficulties, would you mind emailing me (talktome AT carolbaby DOT com) and I’ll try a spot of troubleshooting?

I’ve been blogging for what? Almost sixteen years? Leaving comments on any blogging platform was a bit of a lottery back when I started (would they post or would they vanish?) and has quite possibly become worse over time. There’s probably terabytes of lost comments floating out there in the ether.

I estimate that at least once a week I abandon my attempts to comment on someone’s post because of all manner of glitches. This is not confined to one blog or even one platform – and it is often completely random. Not that I have much to offer in the way of sparkling repartee, but I like to show support! Especially when blogging is such a dying art!

2837-2836 days

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