if you’re not verbing, you can’t call yourself a noun

I visited the GP a couple of weeks ago, which I thought I’d mentioned here, but it seems not!

Much to my horror, I’d rapidly gained a bit of weight over the Xmas break, despite pretty minimal feasting. I was terribly bloaty and was experiencing the occasional pretty intense abdominal pain, so thought it was time to turn myself in and see what might be up.

Blood tests and ultrasound were ordered and I received the results yesterday. No apparent medical cause for any of it, but I was aghast to learn that my cholesterol is slightly elevated at 5.9.

Apparently this can be addressed with “lifestyle changes”.

My initial response to myself was, “but I’m really healthy and already do a ton of exercise!” But on closer examination that’s pretty much a total lie. I rarely run, I rarely cycle, I no longer take a long daily walk to and from work, I’ve abandoned yoga – in fact I actually don’t do ANY regular exercise. This came as quite a shock!

So much of my identity is bound up in being this sporty, fit person. But actually that really isn’t where I’m at right now. It’s quite amazing to think that at various points in time I was: running 30+ km a week, cycling to work every day, cycling 40-50km on the weekend, doing yoga 4x per week. How on earth did I find the time?

So I can’t really call myself a runner or a cyclist or a yogi. And I can’t really call myself a fit and healthy person.

I need to change that!

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3 thoughts on “if you’re not verbing, you can’t call yourself a noun

  1. Sorry about your comments. Hopefully they come back. I too have higher than it should be cholesterol but my GP was quite reassuring when she assessed my likelihood of having a heart attack.

    • I realised this evening that I had copies of all the comments in my feed reader – past me being clever enough to subscribe to my comments feed, but not clever enough to realise before I’d gone scouring the InformationSuperhighway for comment remnants.

      Thank you for the reassuring words on the cholesterol level! I need to make a follow up GP appointment to see what these lifestyle changes entail!

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