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Alas, those glorious seven days of freedom flew by – and as ever I’m mystified by there being a mere few hours remaining until I return to SML. It only seems a couple of days since we broke for Xmas.

I had a list of mildly ambitious tasks planned for the break. I achieved five of those nineteen items. I spent a decent amount of time reading non-improving books and pottering. To my surprise I managed the daily (admittedly not-particularly-strenuous) exercise – I desperately need to keep that up in 2020. Health needs to be very high on the agenda.


While I do mostly adore my job, I’m utterly dreading the return to SML. It’s going to be a really tough 7 months delivering the final and most difficult part of Project Sulfur. And then there’s the accompanying difficult decisions around what’s beyond that.


I wrote the above several hours ago and let it sit while I took in a pub lunch with Don, made David Lebovitz’s pasta bolognese** and started on the petticoat from the holiday list. I got part-way through pressing the (french) side seams and our most excellent 13 year old iron died. I took this as a possible sign of … something.

I’m mentally compiling my list of 2020 intentions. There are some minor(ish) changes I’m keen to make to improve my quality of life. I’m not entirely jazzed by aligning them to the start of the year, but hey, whenever the mood strikes right?

I should post a wrap-up of 2019, if only so I actually remember what went on (it’s a bit of a blur). There are some really lovely and thoughtful reflections out there which make it somewhat daunting.

Here are some I’ve enjoyed (caveat: I’ve undoubtedly overlooked some great ones):

+ small quiet pretty

+ james o’brien

+ fig jam and lime cordial

+ handmade by carolyn

+ hula seventy

+ dances with wool

One of those 2020 intentions is to share more of the good things I am reading online, consider this the start of that!

2887-2886 days


** this is very, very good – you should totally make it.

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