that one august project

So anyway, how did that one August project to recover from that horrid cold land?

Well, I’m much healthier than I was, so that’s a win! But I’ve still a little ways to go.

The consensus is that the horrid cold everyone succumbed to this year has been particularly difficult to shake. I still have a lingering occasional cough and tightness in my chest (as I suppose asthma would feel?) – emphasis on occasional.

In retrospect I really let my fitness slide this year. I went from doing a fair bit of regular activity (regular walk each day, yoga a couple of times a week, exercise bike) to pretty much nothing. This got worse when we moved offices and it became a bit too far to walk part way to work. I kind of noticed the decline, but also kind of didn’t, so it snuck up on me.

I’m convinced this lack of exercise had quite a bit to do with getting sick (and catching germy public transport everyday – ugh) and not bouncing back very easily.

So last week I took a couple of concrete small steps. 5min on the exercise bike each evening. Two very small runs around the block in the morning. Walks where I can. Eating lunch. Keeping up with the fruit and veg. I’m trying to be sensible about it which is entirely against my nature. Previously I’d just throw myself at stuff and burn out. I’d like to build something sustainable(ish) but a bit less extreme.

This is one of those areas that will be interesting (for me, less you!) to look back on from 2027. Did this stick? Did I manage to build in daily activity? Am I healthier? How many more horrid colds did I catch?

3000 days.

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