the slightest of blips

Some days (or was it weeks?) ago my faithful, darling seven year old laptop began misbehaving.

First, it was killing ThePalace(OfLove) wifi each time I pressed the on button. Then it was not keen to let me log in. I could log into the administrator account, just not my own.

Cue much (much!) research and tinkering. I eventually resolved the log in issue by creating a new account. Though of course that isn’t really resolving it, is it? More a work-around. This seemed to fix the wifi-killing issue too, so I can only assume it was all some sort of devicely cry for help.

I am less distressed about this than you’d suppose because I still have access to all of my files. But I have backed everything up and am now on laptop-death-watch.

Of course I could just run out and buy a replacement, but I’m kind of bloody-mindedly seeing how long I can make this one last.


According to my day counting app, tomorrow will be 3,000 days until I’m 60. That’s a whole lot of days, but at the same time, is really not very many days at all.

Because I love any and all projects, I’m going to try a tiny project to mark the time. This is nothing more earth shattering than daily blogging. If nothing else, it will be interesting to observe if blogs are still kicking in late 2027.

3001 days.

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