june goalz

You know those occasions where you read an article and you’re all like Holy!Goodness!? An epiphany if you will.

Last week was one of those times. Right where you’d least expect such a revelation – I mean, Fast company?

Workaholics can’t disconnect from the workday

Probably the most profound sign of being a workaholic is not being able to disconnect from the workday. For workaholics, their jobs, tasks, responsibilities, and workday stresses take up the majority of their mental space.

In one study, those people who couldn’t disconnect from work reported a higher need for recovery, more sleep problems, more cynicism, more emotional exhaustion, and more depressive feelings, regardless of how many hours they were working.

from: fast company – you don’t have to work long hours to be a workaholic

This is totally my life right now. All my mental space. All my time. I can check all the items on that list (so much more cynicism).

But hey, it does not need to be thus, and as they say – recognising the problem is the first step toward fixing the problem … or something.

This sort of thing really sneaks up on you. Eternal vigilance!


So I will fill my mental space in June with these things rather than endlessly ruminating over SML.

+ Complete Japanese CD 8
+ Endless embroidery – complete year 12 | acquire frame
+ Knitting – 10 rows per week
+ Blog – 3x per week
+ Start recording personal spending (for a year)
+ Exercise – run (yes!) 2x | ride 2x per week
+ No non-fruit dessert during the week
+ Start the list of books I’ve read this year | stretch goal = last year

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