children know best

After weeks, months, possibly years of very poor quality sleep, we finally pulled the trigger on a giant new bed.

Our old bed was quite elderly in bed years and we’ve been dithering about the purchase for several months.

At a team lunch on Thursday a colleague put me onto ausbeds who she was really happy with – local, inexpensive and Australian made. We visited on Saturday and were pretty easily convinced to pull the trigger.

When could they deliver? Now.

Ummm, maybe give us an hour.

Cue quickly grabbing ingredients for dinner and racing home to drag the existing bed and base down 3 flights of stairs and move *stuff* out of the path of the new bed. Then leaving Don at home to wrangle the delivery, I dashed out to Broadway in search of king-sized bed essentials – like sheets.

Next day saw a trip to ikea to replace our queen bedhead with exactly the same bedhead in the king size.

We’re pretty much set – the bed is absolutely Giant (so Giant) and the sleep is GLORIOUS!


Joan and Bessie were totally right and we should have done this sooner.

2 thoughts on “children know best

    • Thank you! Night four was equally wonderful.

      Amazing the difference sleep makes to my overall cheerfulness. The perils of getting older – you cease to easily bounce back from bad sleep, late nights, exercise, injury, alcohol, over-indulgence …

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