may actions: progress update (abandoning all hope of coming up with a catchy title)

Maybe it is the onset of the freezing weather or the intense new colleague at SML or the increasing madness of Project Sulfur, but May has seen me completely exhausted by day’s end and not much use for anything. As a consequence I’ve made rather less progress than I’d hoped on my Action Items.

+ Yoga 2x per week | practice headstand 5x days
YES! (first week) NO! (second week) | NO! One day only.

+ Meditate 5x mornings per week
YES! This week giving a trippy new app a whirl: non – all crazy sounds and vibrations not dissimilar to a spinning washing machine. I still don’t know if it is actually doing anything.

+ Exercise bike 3x per week
NO! Once only. Still don’t know what the barrier is, though likely exhaustion. But seriously, it only needs 10 minutes, what am I doing?

+ Eating: intermittent fasting 3x days | no work biscuits | no chocolate | fruit-only dessert during week
YES! | YES! | YES! | Partially – caved on teddy biscuits after a long, long day. All went slightly downhill from there.

+ 2 dates with Don
Partial! Quite lovely lunch date at Yayoi last Sunday on the journey to find a replacement kettle.

+ complete Total Japanese CDs 6 and 7
Partial! Completed CD 6 today. First lesson of CD 7 down. Definitely a great use of commuting time.
Watashi wa neko ga suki desu.

+ Endless embroidery: complete years 11 and 12
Partial! First 100 of year 11 complete. Also need to track down those two lost red stitches!

+ Knitting: finish cowl (have changed pattern) | knit tension squares for planned jumper
NO! But in progress| NO! But have a couple of test balls waiting until I complete the cowl.

+ 2x lunchtime visits to MCA (Project Sulfur has relocated to the good end of town – there is no excuse not to visit)
ONE! It was very pleasant.

I think I might make that second cultural visit to the Customs House Library. I dropped in one evening last week to pick up a book and it was really lovely and very restful and soothing. I’d love to take an hour to flick through a couple of books.

+ blog 4x per week
NO! see: collapsing on the couch at the end of each evening.

+ attend to ghastly nails 1x per week
YES! Still ghastly. Maybe I need to ramp up the frequency a bit? Maybe I need a professional manicure?

2 thoughts on “may actions: progress update (abandoning all hope of coming up with a catchy title)

  1. It’s amazing to be able to just stroll there and wander about at lunch.

    It’s definitely a much better end of town for lunch-time activities! Heather has taken to strolling in the botanic gardens during his break.

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