april reset: week one

I’m not sure why I keep forgetting how nice it is to have these little goals and how much I enjoy crossing items off a list, but I do and here we are!

+ yoga 3x per week
NO! I went to the usual Sunday class, but couldn’t force myself from bed for Wednesday and Friday. I’m hoping that the end of daylight savings will assist with the getting out of bed on the week days. I’m certainly not inclined to buy another unlimited pass until I’m certain it will stick!

+ exercise bike 3x per week
YES! I think it could have even been four? My cardio fitness really needs a jolt – this is really helping with that.

+ no more SML biscuits – such a waste of calories
YES! It is so easy to stress-eat at work and before you know it you’ve eaten half a packet of iced vovos in a single sitting.

+ renew chocolate ban – moderation is impossible
YES! Such a relief not to even give myself the option.

+ complete Total Japanese CDs 5 and 6
SOME PROGRESS. I do a short lesson every morning on the way to work, but I also repeat most several times in an attempt to make it stick. I may not finish by the end of April, but there’s no rush.

+ finish to end year 10 in the endless embroidery (currently at year 8)
SOME PROGRESS. Stitched 100 days on Saturday – otherwise untouched. Need to pick up the pace if I’m going to achieve this one!

+ get out into the neighbourhood more
YES! Don and I embraced the lovely day yesterday and walked down to the Marrickville organic food markets. We shared a serving of a very excellent paella. We bought no organic fruits or vegetables. Though they all did look amazing, we were unusually realistic about the chances of actually consuming them. I often think I’d like to live a more crunchy lifestyle – but yeah, nah – does not really align with my values of shiny things and desire for minimalism (those don’t really align either – whatever – I contain multitudes).

+ intermittent fasting 3x per week
YES! Already noticing a slightly shrinkage to the waist (see aforementioned no work biscuits, no chocolate).

+ actually use the teeth whitening kit I paid a small fortune for at the dentist over 6 months ago
ABANDONED! Used for one night and by midday the next day I was in agony – throbbing teeth, swollen aching gums – a week later and I’m still in some discomfort. And I used less solution than recommended! I’d forgotten how truly truly awful it is. Vincenzo has been whitening so I offered him my unused syringes of solution – which he was thrilled to have because it costs a ridiculous amount of $.

+ buff ghastly nails 1x per week – because they really are ghastly
YES! Slightly less ghastly from my efforts, but this needs to be an ongoing project.

+ embrace the analogue – use laptop, tablet and phone with purpose and shut down after use
YES! I would really recommend this if you’re trying to cut down on internet use. Much less of the walk by the laptop, sit down for a quick minute and look up two hours later.

+ meditate on non-yoga mornings
YES! I’d really question whether this has had any real impact, but I’ll keep on trucking.

+ blog minimum 4x per week
NO! Work has been dire and I’ve been arriving home very late and very exhausted.

+ read minimum 4 books over the Easter break
NOT YET! Need to pick my books. I have a small list gleaned from Brenda Walker: Reading by Moonlight – trying to source paper versions from the library, but will recourse to digital if I must.

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