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Yesterday as planned I skipped the SML Xmas party to spend some quality time with myself.

Started out with a well-needed yoga class and then a trek to the big design market via train and a somewhat lengthy walk in the pretty glorious summer sunshine.

Bessie and I attended the market last year**, but this time I was solo. In addition to doing recon for merchanising ideas for Bessie (who has a market stall next weekend), I was planning to simply take in the pretty things and not really to buy anything.

Yeah, we’ll draw a veil over those non-spending intentions, but in my defense, I probably could have spent more.

just a couple of things

really neat show bag for a mere $20 – but will I actually use these items?^^

fab resin necklaces from polka luka – and freebie bracelet

awesome ruby zing iced-tea from rabbit hole tea bar

And un-photographed small secret gifts for Joan and Bessie (shhhh!)

When I was on my digital magazine library binge earlier in the week, I devoured all the available issues of peppermint magazine. I was really taken by the clothing from seaside tones – particularly this fab black maxi dress and this awesome grey skirt. I bookmarked both and sat them in a couple of browser tabs – and would flick back periodically through the week to test if the appeal lasted.

When I was doing the final circuit around the market before heading home, I turned down an aisle and wait, what? wasn’t that the black dress I’d had in the browser tab for most of the week? Clearly the universe was trying to tell me something. So of course I bought it. Fortunately for my wallet, they didn’t have the grey skirt on the rack.

It was such a nice morning! The stallholders/makers were so enthusiastic and positive and there was such a good energy around the place. How delightful to be spending time on creative endeavours you’re passionate about!

After arriving home I headed out again and grabbed some pots and bamboo plants from the hardware store for the upper balcony, smashed out the grocery shopping and pottered about.

So much nicer than spending the day with my curmudgeonly SML colleagues!


** Unsurprisingly, almost 12 months later, I have burned precisely none of those candles.
^^ This buying things and not using them needs some exploration – not to castigate myself, but to either rein myself in or use things!

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