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One of the perks of our resort in Hua Hin was access to roughly a billion magazines via the press reader app.

It was utterly wonderful reading – so many international versions of Vogue! Crazy-luxe Asian home and decor mags! The hilariously wanky Wallpaper!

Well, utterly wonderful until my tablet very quickly ran out storage space, ground to a halt and wouldn’t play nicely until I deleted everything including the app.

But I was hooked on the digital magazine experience and rather disappointed to leave it.

Once home, while renewing my library books online, I noticed a little menu item on the top of my screen. What, now? Free digital editions of magazines!? Truly, libraries are amazing!

There’s definitely not the breadth of delights available to me in Thailand, and the rb digital app is super-buggy, but I’ve been having a fabulous time browsing through all sorts of things.

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