and perhaps a little ironing

Tomorrow is the SML Christmas party, so being the curmudgeon I am, I’m taking an annual leave day instead.

Honestly, these days I really have limited appetite to stand about for hours and watch my colleagues get utterly plastered. So why put me (or them!) through it?

Instead, I’ll start the morning with early yoga and then visit the big design market, followed by grocery shopping and some pottering.

Infinitely superior!

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2 Responses to and perhaps a little ironing

  1. agkaty says:

    Sounds like perfect timing for an annual leave day. And that design market looks awesome.

    • carolbaby says:

      Katy! How are you?!

      Both the downtime from the colleagues and the market itself were really wonderful. So many talented people doing such lovely things!

      (Though I’m not sure I’m really feeling the trend of ceramics which appear to have been constructed by a frenzied toddler).

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