with what you have

Over the past couple of months I’ve had quite a few very early starting meetings, so have missed a fair bit of yoga – not ideal when you’ve bought a not inexpensive, time-boxed, unlimited pass!**

Add to that, the associated meeting catering (wee cakes!) and I find myself in rather dire need of exercise!

In the spirit of carpe-ing the whatevs and taking whatever I can get, I threw on my running gear this evening and went for a very “quick” run-around-the-block. Exhausting, but I feel a good deal better for it! Especially after being trapped in a windowless room for 9 hours for two days straight.

Also in the spirit of doing something … anything … to encourage us to get moving, we bought an exercise bike over the weekend. It has already seen some use and hopefully will prove over the long-term to be more than an interestingly-shaped storage receptacle for various things.

**The pass itself is really good value – well it is when you actually use it.

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