unprecedented – babykitty sitting on my desk – first day back from hols

It’s somewhat difficult to know how and where to start after disappearing from here for a little bit, but I’ll dive in.

Our short-ish break was absolutely wonderful. There’s a good deal to be said for lazing around a pool reading books for a week. The lazing was interspersed with the occasional massage, taking in the sunrises, walking on the beach, and yoga classes. Don golfed most mornings while I occupied myself with the aforementioned lazing. I really never thought I’d enjoy a resort-style holiday, and I’m sure it is largely dependent on the actual resort, but I returned more refreshed and relaxed than I have been for a very long while.

As is the way with holidays, I had a bunch of revelations – of the usual sort:
1. We have so much *stuff*. Way too much stuff.
2. We need to take more time and just sit about.
3. We need to spend more time in nature.
4. We really do have way too much stuff.
5. I need more massages in my life.
     I’d had one massage – ever – up to this point. I’m now a convert.
6. I need to stop shopping as hobby.
7. We need more resort-type holidays.
8. Maybe more frequent, shorter holidays are better than one longer trip.

Also refreshing and relaxing was the morning of my birthday, earlier this week. I’d only been back for 3 days, but took an annual leave day from SML and finally redeemed the spa voucher gifted to me by the kiddies for my 50th before it expired. The massage was not quite as good as those in Thailand, but the facial was much superior. While being pummeled, I toyed with the idea of getting a massage each month. After seeing my face, I also toyed with the idea of regular facials too.

I’m sure pretty much every person on earth has said this, but December already! This year has really flown by and I’m going to make best efforts to go a bit slower in the next.

It remains to be seen how this is achieved.

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