never a good option

Our high thread count (and thus, not inexpensive) fitted sheets are not really seeming to last any sort of distance, so we now find ourselves with a disproportionate number of flat sheets.

I’m a huge fan of crisp sheets with a low thread count, so thought I’d give ikea a bash for something lower-cost in an attempt to redress the sheet balance and see how they travelled.

Once in the store (the humanity!) I was delighted to discover the piderviva range of linen sheets. I’d not experienced actual linen as bed-linen before, but had long been reading of the benefits – cool, hard-wearing, crisp – and these were comparatively affordable to prices I’d seen elsewhere. So I snapped one up.

After a quick launder and air-dry it was onto the bed with them …

While it rumples in a satisfying way, YIKES! It’s akin to sleeping on sandpaper! Each time I move I feel like layers are being removed from my skin.

And the sheet collects all sorts of weird fluff (which you can probably just make out in the pix).

Additionally, I’ve been having a lot of weird and vivid dreams this week – coincidence?

Perhaps it needs a few more washings and beating against rocks before we’ll give it another go – else it will be consigned to the fabric stash or the charity pile.

I did acquire a cotton sheet at the same time – here’s hoping for more success with that one.

And perhaps the lesson is to aim a little higher

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2 Responses to never a good option

  1. you can give me your Ikea linen if you don’t care for it! I love linen sheets and have been happy with my Ikea ones – I do iron them after washing for the crispy feel

    • carolbaby says:

      It’s all yours, my friend!

      No idea if I’m doing anything not optimal laundry-wise, but very happy to cut my losses!

      Give me a shout when you’re around and I will deliver.

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