further adventures in gardening

The garden (okay, the collection of pots) on the lower balcony was looking pretty dire after winter – so there was a Reckoning.

I bought a couple of bags of soil, mixed it with the compost (okay, stinky sloppy mud-like stuff) from the faux compost bin and some sugar cane mulch and repotted everything. Some of the soil in the existing pots was like fine grey dust, with no organic matter at all remaining. Little wonder barely anything was thriving.

And we’re seeing results – we now have a small plague of tomatoes:

in the curry plant

in the chilli

in the baby maple tree

in the ginseng ficus

Well, we did have a plague, but if left to grow these will only serve as caterpillar food, so unlike prior years, they’ve been removed and returned back to the compost garbage bin / worm farm.

Circle of life.

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