library haul #5

This go-round in amongst the books I had completed, I returned 3 books I’d already renewed twice, had not read and clearly wasn’t intending to read.

I’m now in this weird space where I have now two stacks of books with different due dates. Perhaps I’m being a trifle ambitious with my analogue reading?

1. Theory of death: Faye Kellerman
2. Mischief: Fay Weldon
3. Before the war: Fay Weldon
4. 419: Will Ferguson
5. Best Australian essays 2017
6. Women of letters – reviving the lost art of correspondence: curated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire

I’m intending to take a small stack of books with me on holiday. I’ve always existed solely on kindle offerings on previous vacations, so this should be an interesting (and rather heavy) experiment.

2 thoughts on “library haul #5

    • We’re mostly going to be in one location and it’s resorty, so *hopefully* lugging heavy books about is not going to be too arduous.

      I feel like I’m moving more and more back to analogue generally (well, mostly for reading – I even recently subscribed to a hard copy magazine!), so I’m interested to see what sort of impact this has on my travel experience!

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