perhaps quite a good deal evil

I’ve had an account for over 14 years (!), but now I rarely use gmail for anything other than mailing list and shopping type stuff.

So when responding to DishyExBoss about our not-boozy lunch it was the first time in a couple of years that I’d used gmail to actually write anything.

I was surprised at some of the changes – particularly the Smart Compose. I was typing away and I suddenly found it was trying to complete my sentences for me. Wait, what?

I was trying to type “But it will always be thus, so I’m prioritising lunch” only to have it replaced by “But it will all work out”. Exactly not what I had intended and completely lost my train of thought for a while there.

Yeah, no google, I’m really fine composing my email without your assistance. And I probably need to action #27 on the 60before60 list – kill my gmail account(s).

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