evolution of language

We’ve been having some laundry issues recently where tee-shirts have been leaving the washing machine with greasy stains that didn’t exist before they went in. The google machine tells me this is likely because of my fabric softener**.

Serendipitously this laundry post appeared on the organized home yesterday – so I was full of interest.

While I’m not going to rush out for a 500ml US$45 laundry detergent (!) from net-a-porter, I did end up going down quite the natural cleaning products rabbit hole and ended up at murchison hume: boy’s bathroom cleaner.

Who knew that such gendered cleaning products existed!?

The instructions are … ermmm … quite something.

Text in case the screenshot doesn’t appear:
After robust bathroom activity, spritz a little down the bowl & into the air after flushing. Extra points if you spray & wipe the seat, and don’t forget to put the lid down. There’s a good chap.

Robust bathroom activity?!

This is what we’re calling pooping now?


** This weekend I’ve tried rinsing with white vinegar in place of fabric softener – seems to be working a treat (and surprisingly the clothes don’t smell like vinegar).

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