that was unexpected

After a quite mild spring so far, it’s been rather hot over the last couple of days.

When I ventured out to the wild west yesterday for that lunch with DishyExBoss it was around 37 degrees (ugh). Add to that a slow train home with no air-conditioning (and windows which barely opened) and I was super-excited to arrive home to a blissfully cool bedroom – thanks to the new air-conditioner! Because the weather has been very pleasant up to this point, it was really the first time we’d tried it out. WONDERFUL and worth every cent (and there were lots of cents involved).

Today was equally ghastly (30 degrees inside), but I was the only one at home and up and down the stairs quite a lot, so rather than keep the air-conditioner running I just shoved a few fans on and sucked it up. Joe/Frank arrived home mid afternoon after a hot day outdoors, took a shower and lazed about in his room with his new air-conditioner on, Don arrived home from golf shortly afterward and plonked himself down on the couch with a cooling beverage.

I was pottering about, as is my wont, when I heard a loud exclamation. I turned around and WATER WAS DRIPPING FROM ONE OF THE CEILING DOWNLIGHTS ONTO DON’S HEAD.

Much investigation and troubleshooting indicated that this dripping was triggered by Joe/Frank’s air-conditioner. He’d had it on most of yesterday afternoon and last night with no issues, so we have absolutely no idea why or how it started – nor can we actually see *where* it’s coming from because all the cables seem intact (and non-wet). But water does now drip quite a lot from that hole when his unit is turned on.

drippy light

leak points – was also running down that white cable

What the actual fuck?

I foresee more holes in our walls in the not-too-distant future.

Of course the upsides are: we were at home, we were not on holiday! Because wow – this could have been a whole lot worse!

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