Recent jam study situation experiences:

I took my 50before50 spotty skirt with me to Japan and got quite a lot more wear from it than I’d expected.

This of course inspired the desire for more of these simple skirts and hey, I figured while I was in Japan, home of awesome fabric, I should do a little fabric shopping – having been inspired by some favourite bloggers / instagrammers and their gorgeous acquisitions.

(in)action shot in osaka

I wandered into a fabric store in Osaka and there was so much available in that one tiny store that there was no way I could make a decision! Once back in Tokyo I’d planned on a solo jaunt to Nippori Fabric Town, but reconsidered because I suspected my head would explode once faced with the vastness of options.

And I’m surprisingly okay with that!

I had the same idea about yarn and quickly abandoned that idea too.


A while ago now, I asked Don if he’d be interested in the Goldberg Variations at the Sydney Opera House concert hall.

He was indeed and then was all “I’m happy for you to take care of organising the tickets”. Division of labour and all that.

And verily, I went ahead and was confronted with the seat map:

Reader, I’ve been returning to that page for a good couple of months and I still have no tickets – and it’s on this weekend.

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