achievable achievements

This weekend I intend to:

+ worky-work – for one hour maximum
+ go to yoga on Saturday and Sunday
+ read my library books
+ make this favourite cake from a long-missed blog
+ develop a ruthlessly practical garden plan (well, to be fair it’s more of a balcony plan)
+ take a good hard look at the garage clutter
+ get stuck back into the knitting I started at Easter

easter knitting – this pattern

If I can manage even 1/2 of this instead of mindlessly sitting in front of my computer for hours on end, we’ll call it winning!

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4 Responses to achievable achievements

  1. Awesome! This year I’ve pretty much managed to quarantine work to M-F. It makes such a huge difference.


  2. carolbaby says:

    You’ve inspired me to remove the worky-work item off my list – Future Me can cope, I’m sure.

    Actually the Wednesday working from home day has been transformational – I get about 3 days worth of work done in one! So unless it is an urgent emergency, I’m going to try to emulate you.


  3. Angela says:

    Beautiful work!


    • carolbaby says:

      Thank you Angela, that’s very kind!

      I’m quite pleased with it – though was cursing my past self when I found I hadn’t quite marked where I was up to and had to rip back a bit.


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