bug on the footpath – walking home from work 16.03.18 – the first photo i’ve taken for ages

It’s allegedly autumn, but temperatures reached 40oC (104oF) today – which is exactly as unpleasant as it sounds.

This morning Don and Phil (Don’s dad) strolled down to the local park to catch a grade cricket match and this evening trekked to the rugby because – father|son bonding through exotic sports in extreme temperatures.


This ongoing internet break has been interesting. Completely unintentionally I’m almost at the point where I’ve stripped away everything that I used to occupy myself with – I’m not sewing|knitting|crafting, there are very few experiments in cooking, very little running, no blogging, no taking of photographs, no cycling, no experiments in gardening and that 60s list has not been given a glance.

I had been reading quite a lot and was consumed by a few audiobooks – but recently even that as a distraction mechanism has begun to wane (horrors), for I just can’t find anything that grabs me.

So after there was pretty much nothing left to do except hauswork**, what I’ve mostly been doing is having some serious conversations with myself about how I want to be spending time. I’ve been slowly examining my former activities and deciding whether I want to add them back in to my life.

What I’m keeping:
+ meditation
+ pilates and|or yoga
+ morning journal

(very DFH^^)

I’m very much back and forth on whether to continue with blogging. I’ve been at it for 14 years next month (holy!goodness!) – which is like 28% of my life. I know I’m definitely not going back to daily blogging. It was an excellent experiment, but I found that in the rush to get a post in I was skipping over things that were interesting or that I’d want to refer to later, but which would have taken a bit of effort to write. So blogging stays in the keep pile for now, with possibly a further review!

And I was all for abandoning knitting, but then I happened upon my knitting bag while putting something else in a cupboard and was keen to pick up the needles again (though way too hot for such things right now). Must add KonMarie-joy-sparking questions to my assessments.

What I’m discarding:
+ the idea that the weekend must be used for complicated cookery.

There’s obviously still a fair bit to review!


I’ve also completed another round of decluttering which was (of course) very satisfying. Though it must be said that at this point there’s not an overwhelming amount of clutter, but I do enjoy the exercise of paring back – and it fits in with the overall theme of examining stuff.


^^ Dirty Hippy
** and way too much shopping – clearly I’m interested in filling some life-void with too many pretty things.

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