tiny wins

trying to prove to don how much he takes over the bed in his sleep. pretty dismal as evidence, but i like the shadows.

In exciting news, I’ve lost 4.3kg in about 6 weeks after recommencing (heavily modified) 5:2. Well really 4:3 – 3 days of fasting during the day and eating a normal (not calorie reduced) dinner.

I feel so much less sluggish – and hopefully carrying a little less weight around will be somewhat kinder on the ankle and will allow me to get back to (gentle, so gentle) running.

I’m planning to keep at it until I get to my target (which is another 5.7kg), then probably stick to one day per week. Though the planned holiday in May|June might require pausing the program for a bit.

And I’ll continue to avoid buying loads of chocolate and biscuits for project teams – or at least stop participating in their consumption!

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