en famille

All happening with the offspring:

+ Joan has applied for her working holiday visa (or whatever it’s called) to the UK and is planning to depart in June. This has been a long held dream and she’s just scraped in before the age cut-off.

+ Bessie wrapped up 4 years of Uni last month (so grown up!) and just got a full-time job in her field! The field is very competitive and we’d often joked that an Honours degree in Design would likely equip her for office admin work, so this is stellar!

+ Joe/Frank turned 24! Wut? Good lord! Back for second year of Uni. I think I mentioned his application for NDIS funding was approved (very exciting) – our goal for March/April is to get all the necessary supports in place and working towards getting him part-time work that is not in the hospitality industry!

And in other famille:

+ Phil (father-in-law) arrives on Saturday morning to spend a month with us.

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