all action lists all the time

I’d resolved not to post on a phone / tablet screen at night**, but windows has decided to update and is doing so at a very glacial pace.

I’m pleased we’re into the weekend – I suspect next week will be another Trial. I have someone leaving (voluntarily) who will be a Big Loss.

Small goals for the weekend (in addition to the ever-present house cleaning | shopping | chores):

+ Pilates (hopefully it won’t be cancelled per last week)

+ read Joe/Frank’s NDIS information. His plan has been approved, which is super exciting! Now we have to work out how to implement it (reams to read)

+ try for my first monthly internet-free day (aiming for Sunday). Still to be established whether I can use the computer – or whether I should be completely tech-free.

+ complete small two house improvement projects (to be determined)

+ very small run


**But hey, at least I’m doing it from my desk and not the bed – so we’ll call it kind of achieved.


Good thing today: delicious tiny biscuits that came with my coffee this week (road testing a new cafe)

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