2018 projects: me

Finally came to a couple of ideas for the year – I suspect my ideas had been largely tapped out by compiling the 60before60 list!

I’ll reflect on 2017 in another post (possibly in July at this rate), but I’d like to achieve the following things this year – no pressure if I don’t**:

  1. Complete a minimum of 10 items from the 60before60 list
  2. Get back to 5:2. I’ve put on about 10kg in the last year which I am not at all jazzed by. Exception given for holidays.
  3. 1x day per month internet-free. Stretch goal of 2x per month (crazy!)
  4. Exercise – on the regular. Weekly pilates/yoga + 3x cardio at a minimum
  5. Don’t buy anything unnecessary. Try to repair, repurpose, reuse as much as possible
  6. Commence a decent skincare routine. I’m looking all raggedy.
  7. Take the time to comment on blogs. I’ll often have an excellent post open in a tab for days, meaning to comment and then feel like the moment has passed, so I close it.
  8. Make a Giant list of household maintenance tasks and accomplish them – painting, gap filling – that sort of thing.


** Who am I kidding, of course there will be pressure.


Good thing today: survived first day back on 5:2 – feeling like an Achiever!

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