and maybe start back with the pushups

My second pilates class this morning at the new studio (last week being cancelled). Small class and definitely a very different crowd to Glebe – all chatter of back to (primary) school and various teachers and children’s difficulties with long division. While they weren’t exactly a young group, I was definitely the oldest there. I was feeling rather nostalgic for my occasional Friday pilates at my old studio – which was a mix of older semi-retired ladies, a couple of women my age and uni students.

I will persist of course – I have #goalz.


I’m planning to make this my last weekend of self-improvement books before I embark on #13 on the 60before60 list: Read no self-help books for a year. I really love the genre (mostly), but maybe, just maybe the over-consumption is not all that great for my mental health – also it’s an awful lot of time spent reading and less time on improving.

This also includes self-improvement audiobooks – lest I attempt to get around it by switch the consumption to another format.

Fiction here I come!


And I’m attempting my first internet free day tomorrow. I’m aiming for no computer too – but this might be a bridge too far!

Of all the challenges I’ve set myself recently, I suspect this is going to be one of the more difficult.

Will report back – though obviously not tomorrow!

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