50before50: #13 complete the painting of ThePalace(OfLove)

This was actually completed WAY back in September 2016, but I wanted to capture it here as done with a bit of detail (the blog tends to be the record of a lot of when-we-did-what).

When we moved into ThePalace(OfLove) the walls and trim were shades of horrible vomity-poopy-yellow. It was depressing and ghastly – so we resolved to quickly repaint everything a cheery, bright white (except our bedroom which is now a cheery dark grey).

before: a more cheerless yellow, you’ll never encounter

Of course the quickly part didn’t eventuate and it took way too long to see the entire job through to the end – hence the project!

While w did the majority of this ourselves, we kind of copped out a little with the very last stage. While we were in Japan, we paid Joan paint the 7 doors that we’d been putting off (and off and off). What I learned from this is that Joan is very good at very boring detailed work and that I should throw a paint-brush (okay, a roller) at her more often.

Honestly – so good to see the end of that miserable yellow!

It’s probably time for a touch up in some areas – but that can either wait for the professionals, or until the 60 list!

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