50before50: #04 stay (well) under 70kg (154lbs) for the next 1,254 days

Even though there are still 8 days to go, I’m calling this one complete. I’m fairly confident I’m not going to gain any significant amount in the time remaining – even with being on holiday!

Sure, 3.4kg might not fit everyone’s definition of well under – but I’m taking it! #mychallengemyrulez

I’ve gained about 10kg in the last 18 months which was absolutely not where I wanted to be – I need to have a good talk to myself about my relationship with that nightly block of chocolate. When I set this challenge I was still drinking alcohol and I think the chocolate has slipped very nicely in as a comfort substitute – I probably need to examine that too!


I was very surprised to learn I was exactly the same weight around months ago (I thought I’d posted about this, but appears I didn’t) – clothes are a little tighter at the minute.

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