i should really have a plan though

Today was reasonably restful. 

IKEA for a frame for Bess, two cushion covers and a one cup coffee press, Birkenhead Point unsuccessfully seeking fabric and overalls/dungarees, Local Fish Store unsuccessfully seeking a piece of driftwood which would not leech tannins into the fish tank, and grocery shopping (successful).

I spent the afternoon listening to my audiobook, making a giant batch of spaghetti bolognaise,   changing the water in the fish tank and making cake.

I only sent one email and slack message to SML in the early morning so the issues wouldn’t prey on my mind for the whole break, I did not wait around for a response.

2 thoughts on “i should really have a plan though

    • I wish I did balance it – it can be all-consuming on occasion! The only thing I have done to try to keep it contained is to turn pop-up notifications off entirely – and notifications off for everything except direct messages. To be honest I’d say at least half the time it’s used for gifs, exchange of custom emoji (so many party parrots), gossip and bitching.

      I’m mixed on it too, but on the positive side, it has enabled me to get some tech cred with the devs on the big project I’m involved with (see aforesaid gifs and memes); lets me communicate easily with my team who don’t sit anywhere near me; freed up my email for more important things that don’t need a quick answer; and I’m definitely giving (and receiving) quick answers to quick questions which would have involved endless phone tag, unsuccessful visits to empty desks or emails flagged to action (which of course are never actioned).

      But still mostly bitching.

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