pictures of suburbia

Gorgeous morning for a walk/run yesterday. I challenged myself to a new route – well not entirely new – we’ve cycled that part of the greenway before, but first time I’ve run there.

My beautiful new app is completely terrible to run with – must be in the foreground, which is a little problematic for music, photos, sleep mode. I quickly gave up and just freestyled. I didn’t use the garmin or a tracking app, but I’d say maybe 10-11km in total. There was probably a fair bit more walking than running – I’m afraid that this is what I’ve now become! But hey at least I’m getting out.

All was wonderful until about 1km from home when I encountered a partially closed footpath and a dickhead in a high-viz vest controlling access. Complicated and boring story, but upshot was me wanting to move to a safe spot to cross the very busy major road (nowhere near the footpath works) and high-viz dickhead not allowing me to – by physically intimidating and then insulting me. And me an old lady – an old lady who used extremely unladylike language to tell him just what I thought of him.

Humanity – argh! I need some loving kindess meditation – stat!

Anyway on with the first of the pix. Look at that sky! Just wonderful!

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