be your own psychoanalyst!

Saturday morning’s run was down to the Cook’s River. It is such a pretty spot and has great paths for cycling, running and walking!

It’s totally get-to-able from ThePalace(OfLove) and yet I’ve avoided running there for a couple of reasons, reasons which I’ve only just now attempted to unpack:

➕ Reason 1 – because my running fitness isn’t what it was and I had this ridiculous idea that it wasn’t worth going anywhere unless I was running the whole time. Solution: don’t be an idiot and do walk/run intervals instead.

➕ Reason 2 – ridiculous subconscious notion that I should forego lengthy solo adventures and spend most of my Saturday mornings on household chores – how I arrived at this is beyond my comprehension. Solution: don’t be an idiot – chores can be done most any time.

➕ Reason 3 – ridiculous subconscious notion that I should forego lengthy solo adventures on Saturday mornings in case the children should need me. Yes, these would be the children who are now 29, 23 and 21. Solution: don’t be an idiot – the children are adults.

➕ Reason 4 – ridiculous subconscious notion that I shouldn’t do anything new or interesting without Don along. While it is true that adventures with Don are the very best kind, I shouldn’t limit myself just because he isn’t with me. Solution: don’t be an idiot – do things on your own (this will likely be the hardest to overcome, I’m a big fan of company).

And these photos show the sort of thing I miss out on if I continue to hold onto those ridiculous beliefs. Fortunately I feel like much of this can be resolved by not being an idiot.

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  1. Shauna says:

    That sunshine is just bloody glorious. And Reason #2… YES!!! 🙂

    • carolbaby says:

      The weather has been really gorgeous, so crisp and bright – I love winter!

      It’s so easy to get wrapped up in busyness and not actually leave the house, I really need to end the busyness entirely and focus on more meaningful things.

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