imagine how tired i’ll feel then

It wasn’t a hugely huge day today, but I arrived home a little later than is usual and was completely knackered for most of the evening.

Did breakfast, ride to work, made lunch – #goalz. Also did eat several craisin and cornflake cookies this evening – #notgoalz

I promised myself I’d add another daily activity to these once they were bedded down. Maybe I need to spend 15-30 min working on something from the 50 list. If I keep it at an achievable time minimum, I might actually make some progress! I’ve still got about 1/2 to do and only 125 days to do them!


I have embraced the idea of not using the Garmin or tracking physical activity at all (feels so rebellious). The downside of this is that I still need a method of managing walk:run intervals, so I found an app** and holy goodness! it is truly a thing of beauty:

I just want to look at it all the time! So clean! So functional!

Makes me want to go out and use it Right Now – except for that bone-crushing tiredness thing I have going on.

** hiit run app by fiftytwoinc if you are similarly in love with the look and have a need

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