just like the old days

such a princess!

Today was the first day in a very long while that I’ve been infuriated by anyone at SML – not just one but two people in separate incidents.

Incident 1. Ditzy-evil-senior-manager has been in charge of a project for 12 months. 12 months where nothing has been delivered, nor have there been plans or milestones forthcoming – there’s mostly been a whole lot of incoherent waffle. We’ve had to bring consultants in to give things a shove along. D-e-s-m is incredibly change averse and is currently using all manner of untruths and misrepresentations to cling desperately to a broken status quo. Unfortunately I am peripherally involved in the project on a number of levels – one of which is kind of in the monitoring / dobbing capacity. It’s quite the challenge.

Incident 2. A relatively new (6 months), relatively junior (junior to me in position, but he’s in his 30s, so not really a junior) employee inserted himself into a conversation between myself and Bobs. The conversation had nothing at all to do with him and he walked half-way across the office to join it. He proceed to mansplain and attempt to school me in an area in which I have quite in-depth knowledge (and of which he knows nothing at all) and then argued with me about it. He’s pretty much universally acknowledged as completely revolting, totally arrogant, uttely lazy and 100% misogynist and the general consensus is that he’ll be on his way out pretty quickly. Fingers crossed!

Ugh! To avoid stress-eating biscuits, I was forced to stress-shop and acquired some new pants which fit me – and a dress. and a shirt. and another pair of pants.

On the upside this made me realise how few ghastly people remain at SML after the various Reckonings and how much more pleasant it is to work there as a result.

Also on the upside I rode to work, made breakfast and lunch and avoided snacking. A+++

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