excruciating minutiae 

I did go for that 3km run this morning and did not take any form of tracker with me. I quite liked not having to wait for the Garmin to find a satellite before starting out, not that this is necessarily horribly inconvenient, but it is another thing to do. Muscle memory wanted to press a button to start and stop/save which was a little weird.

For such a short distance, it was quite a bit challenging, which is discouraging. Possibly challenging because I went out before having coffee. Whatever it is, I’m not a fan of this slow road back to fitness.

No breakfast was made, but I did buy bircher muesli and yoghurt – which I think mighty count as a win. 

No lunch was made either. I wasn’t hugely hungry after the giant breakfast, so had some salmon nigiri rather than a huge wrap or salad (or fried chicken). I’m pretty sure this is not a win.

Unfortunately I stress-ate too many work biscuits during a meeting this afternoon with a Difficult Senior Manager (ditzy and full of nice on the surface – steely and evil underneath). I never ever eat work biscuits, so I don’t know where that came from! Possibly I need an intervention.

I’ll try again tomorrow – this new habit thing is not working entirely as planned! 

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