carolbaby self-care week: day three? four?

corey, ready to face the day

Another work day, another cycle commute – and another lunch made. #goalz

I’m definitely pleased to get back to riding – the weather has been really perfect for such endeavours, cold and crisp with not too much wind. I took the rather radical step of not tracking my ride this morning or this evening – it was really quite liberating.

I think I’ll continue with the not continuing. This relentless measuring of myself against myself (the sportstracker app and garmin are but the tip of the iceberg);
against others; and a ridiculous quest for some sort of perfection is not entirely great for my psyche and is really quite exhausting. Quitting the apps for a bit is a good way to begin the unravelling.

All The Self Examination!

Plus, I know it’s a bit tinfoil hatty, but all this tracking and monitoring is verging toward the dystopian isn’t it? 

More prosaically, I’m not riding into tomorrow, so I might attempt a short (untracked!) run before work AND a breakfast.

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