something about getting back into the saddle

First time out on the road bike for a very long while. We took it fairly easy with a favourite (and flat!) ride from Woolooware to Kurnell (about 20km all up).

When we got to the snacking point, I realised that I’d forgotten to turn on my sportstracker app – so no record of my ride. I’m actually pretty comfortable with this (I know, who is this person?). I’m even thinking of not turning it on for my cycle commutes next week, or for my planned mid-week before-work run. Will report back.

view from the snacking and turnaround point: gorgeous day

It doesn’t look it from the photo, but the morning was quite cold and I can’t comfortably squeeze into my winter cycling tights (eeep!), so I improvised some leg warmers:

You might recall these former socks, turned arm-warmers from 8 years ago (8 years!). Yes they had a hole in the back from their time as arm-warmers, but they definitely served their purpose today.

Conveniently they matched my jersey – though definitely not my shoes!

Occasionally I wish I was one of those stylish older ladies who can get away with aggressively clashing patterns or wildly architectural clothing. As it was I looked rather ridiculous, but really I give very few fucks.

I’m enjoying getting back to gentle exercise – it definitely and categorically has an improving effect on my mood. I tend to forget this when I don’t do it.

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