you mean i don’t have to measure everything?

Made it out for a 7(ish) km run this morning. For the first time ever I didn’t actually check the distance on the garmin – just responded to the buzz alerting me to change from running to walking and vice versa. This is quite unheard of for me and a nice no-pressure way to approach it, I think. I should apply this to more areas of my life.

It’s not the most convenient thing in the world, but I’ve started bringing my phone along with me and stopping for the occasional photo. It’s actually quite ridiculous to take a Garmin, ipod nano AND a phone on runs – really I should just take the phone as it can do everything the other two can.

The run was quite a bit harder than last week – slightly longer distance, rather tight hamstrings and slightly dodgy right ankle (bad form and shoes not laced tight enough). Nonetheless lovely chilly morning and great to get out. 

I was pretty knackered afterward and kept it very low key for most of the day – and was very kind to myself for doing so.

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