out the other side?

24: psychological stuff

I’ve no idea why, but that chapter title delighted me, rather more than the book** containing it, which despite my adoration for golden age murders, was not entirely as fabulous as it has initially appeared.

Achieved all of my very low key #goalz today (breakfast, ride, lunch). If I can continue this wild success into next week I may add another task.

This regular exercise is making the WORLD of difference to my mental health. Which like, yeah, duh. I think things like making breakfast and lunch have helped too (mostly because I’ve managed to actually action some personal items – which seemed insurmountable obstacles even last week).

It’s so easy to get into a state where everything seems impossible, and it is very hard to drag yourself out of. I’m immensely glad I did! Of course there will be occasional setbacks to my plans, but I need to be mindful to not to let this drag on for months … again.


** E R Punshon: Music Tells All

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  1. Daniel says:

    Good to hear you are feeling less blergh!

  2. Daniel says:

    Getting there…. slowly!

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