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Despite another not great night’s sleep, as planned I woke a little earlier, made my lunch and cycled in to work (no breakfast though).

I was really quite nervous, and had built it up into something approaching terrifying, but of course it really wasn’t too bad at all. I felt quite the sense of achievement afterward.

And of course it rained for the first time in weeks, but I managed to miss the worst of it.

I’m going to treat the next seven days as carolbaby self-care week and try to get myself back into some sort of mental health equilibrium. Most important of this will be to cut myself a frigging break, but also to keep cycling and making lunch. Then we’ll see how I’m travelling and determine whether I need to seek out the services of a Professional. 

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  1. Your words really resonate with me. Maybe it’s the full moon we’ve had this week, but I’ve also been felling pretty blergh and everything feels like it’s at an ebb. Well done on getting back on the bike. I haven’t exercise properly for a few weeks now, and of course the weight is creeping on which leads to more negative self talk…. rinse and repeat….
    I hope you feel in a better frame of mind by the end of the week!

    • You could be right about the full moon!

      It’s revolting isn’t it? And so hard to drag yourself out of.

      It sucks that you’re going through similar – (and as horrid it is to say) I take much comfort in knowing I’m not alone!

  2. Hey, I’ve been awol what with moving and stuff but it sounds like you are doing some good stuff. Being a LONG term reader you always sound happier when you have a regular achievable routine so it sounds like you’re doing all the good things. x

    • Hello! You are so very right – why I keep forgetting this is one of those mysterious mysteries. I need it tattooed on myself … or something.

      (Yes, Very Long term – got to be 13 years!)

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